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Portfolio Updated Jan 17th 2017

215 E. Gun Hill Rd. $100 Minimum Est. 2000 No Piercings here

About Dude

Owner & Solo Artist of Dude's Tattoos. I've been tattooing for 16+ years, working in various art styles from Illustrative to Realistic, Coverups, Enhancements & Custom Creations.

Shop History

Opened in 2000, the focus has always been the creation of beautiful, meaningful, detailed artwork for clients seeking designs beyond the horizon of their imagination.

Art Process

Design requests can take from 3 days to 3 weeks. Once a concept, location & size is determined, artwork & estimates are created. Once approved, scheduling can commence.

Shop Rules

18 or Older Only with ID.

You can bring one person for company.

No children Allowed.

No Work Allowed for clients Under the Influence of Drugs or Alchohol.

Shop Interior

Dude's Art

Some of the artwork from past shows at the LDR Studio Gallery
curated by Luis D. Rosado

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